Oh My Ghosh - PROMO - with BABU Bogati - COMING SOON

Summary :

Every Tuesday with Mampi Ghosh C O M I N G S O O N Namaste! I am Mampi Ghosh, Creator of "Oh my Ghosh" I am a woman with a bold and badass attitude who thrives for transformation and becoming a better version of myself. I enjoy the simple things in life, but I don’t back down from complicated challenges. People know me as Pawankali, but I am also a TV Host, Radio Host, Columnist, Voice Artist, Model and a certified Paralegal dedicated to serving you with all my heart. Oh My Ghosh! Trust me, I know the drill of having to start a new journey from zero. I went from being a “who’s who” back home to a nobody in America overnight—it’s a huge change! You miss your tribe, the life that you used to have, and the food you loved eating. My former life in Nepal felt like a distant memory running through my mind. Meanwhile, my American life made me feel like a mouse running on a wheel. I have survived that feeling and I want to share my story with you. Are you comfortable sharing yours? I want to learn your story and share with you the story of other people as well. Oh My Ghosh, you are a Badass!

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Oh My Ghosh - PROMO - with BABU Bogati -…